Onsite COVID-19 Screening And Testing Services

Symptom Monitoring, Onsite Temperature Screening and COVID-19 Testing by Trusted Healthcare Professionals

Custom HIPPA compliant symptom checker comprehensive solution for employees & visitors

Mobile Health’s employee medical screening program reduces COVID-19 exposure to ensure a healthier, safer workforce. Our trained medical professionals provide confidence and assurance to workers and guests.

Through health assessments, onsite temperature screening and rapid testing, we have established protocols to build, staff and manage your on- site COVID-19 screening and testing.

How It Works


Individuals complete an online self-reported symptom questionnaire* before arriving to work via our secure HIPPA-compliant platform.


Upon arrival, onsite medical representative takes temperatures and record in tracking system and workers or visitors are cleared for entry.

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Individuals who are not cleared CAN be given a rapid COVID-19 test and result is given in less than 15 minutes.


Our secure dashboard displays HIPAA-compliant screening and testing results in real-time for company management.

*Connected Health works with each client to determine protocols and frequency of screening that are required for each specific company and industry.

Screening And Monitoring Workflow